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Sticking with Healthy New Year Resolutions

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So my last post was based on letting go and new beginnings. Today's post is going to be a little follow on from that. Everyone makes new year resolutions, and unfortunately most people don't stick to their resolutions. Why is this? I think it's because people usually go cold turkey. For example, if you decide that you're going to be more healthy in the new year, but then a few days in you've eaten something bad and you just give up. We're too hard on ourselves, that's the problem! It is human nature I suppose...

Luckily, I have some tips to share with you on how to keep those resolutions going!

You must have a real determination and desire to become healthy. If you don't really want to lead a healthier lifestyle, and you just feel like you have to, then I can guarantee that you will fail very quickly. It is up to you to make and keep the change. You must prepare healthy meals and you must take yourself outside to exercise. No one else is going to make you do it. I think it helps if you have a goal. For example, if you're planning a holiday in the summer then presumably you want to look your best in your bikini. Or, if you want to run a marathon during the summer and you need to become more fit, then you must run every morning to build up your fitness. So you see, like I said in my previous post, you and only you are in control of your own life. Take control and be your own role model! 

2. Do NOT go cold turkey!
Last summer I decided that I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was going on holiday and I wanted to feel confident in my bikini. I started running, I took my dog for more walks, I made better food choices and I started going to the gym and working out at home. However, I didn't start running 5K on my first morning. I started slowly, easing myself into it as my fitness level increased. I gradually walked further and further with my dog. I incorporated more healthy foods into what I normally ate. And I attended the gym a few nights a week, not everyday. I know at first this sounds like a lot of work, nearly impossible to include all of it in your day. But that's the thing, you don't have to! If you don't feel like getting up early to go for a run, tell yourself that's okay because you can hit the gym that night. Or, if you're really craving some chocolate (self confessed chocoholic here), go for some! Knowing that you've been working hard, you'll enjoy the treat even more trust me! Remember, this isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change!

3. Get inspired!
Come on let's admit, each one of us has an undying love for the Internet. It has everything, including an abundance of inspirational and motivational outlets. If you have a tumblr account, there are numerous blogs dedicated to fitness. I found the pictures on there to be a huge boost when I was losing sight of my goal. Instagram is also a great one for inspirational images. Not only do these images show pictures of fit bodies and exercising, they give food tips too. They advise on better alternatives and on the benefits of certain foods. YouTube offers great home exercise videos too, so if you don't feel like hitting the gym you can opt to try out some home exercises and see what works for you!

4. Don't compare.
As I said in tip three, getting inspiration from fitness images is a good idea. However, comparing yourself to celebrities' bodies is not the way to go! It gets you absolutely nowhere, and will counterbalance the awesome feeling you're supposed to have from working out yourself. Sure, these celebrities look amazing. But who's to say you can't look you're own amazing. Something I ask you to remember: everyone's body is different, everyone doesn't like a different part of their body. You are doing this for you and your body. You want your body to look the best that your body can look. Don't waste time comparing yourself to other people's bodies, because that's valuable time you could have spent loving you!

I hope you enjoyed this post, health and fitness is something I'm passionate about so let me know if you liked this and would like to see more!

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Elle X

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